In the rapidly and ever evolving realm of technology development, it is difficult to project future requirement of technologies. Transfer and grounding of technologies and their knowhow would be key to enhancing adaptation and mitigation measures in developing countries. It also calls for meaningful and adequate financing for the required cutting edge technologies. It is in this context that India has advocated global collaboration in Research & Development (R&D), particularly in clean technologies and enabling their transfer, free of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) costs, to developing countries. IPR costs can also be borne from the GCF through a separate window.


It is also to be appreciated that every country has different requirements of technology and different capabilities of handling technologies depending on trained and skilled manpower, supporting infrastructure, intellectual environment etc. Knowledge creation, eco-system design for innovation and development, and technology deployment would be a continuous requirement in this process.


In its pursuit of low carbon growth, India would be focusing on technologies that need to be moved from lab to field and those that require targeted global research along with those that are still in the realm of imagination. One of the important areas of global collaborative research should be clean coal and fossil fuel, energy management and storage systems for renewable energy. Given the current stage of dependence of many economies on coal, such an effort is an urgent necessity.


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